We have been present and committed to the local community for many years and already are the preferred GP services for many local businesses.

We have been set up with a specific interest in minor worker’s injuries. Injured workers are a priority to us.

The attached brief video introduces our services and our high-quality treatment facilities.  

We offer:

  • Priority to local workers with minor injuries.
  • Injury management experience and excellent facilities with clear communication re return to work capacity.
  • If appropriate we will charge straight to Workcover Queensland or relevant Insurance or Workers Compensation agencies.

If you or an employee suffers a work-related injury, our experienced team can assess you and produce a WorkCover certificate of capacity to outline the duties the patient can and cannot carry out at work to ensure a speedy recovery.

Medicare does not reimburse consultation costs for WorkCover patients. Invoices are generally sent directly to WorkCover at the time of consultation, or they can be paid and then submitted to your employer for reimbursement.