At Highgate Hill Doctors we regularly perform Iron Infusions and the team of doctors and nurses are very experienced in administering these.

Iron infusions need to be completed in a medical facility under the care of experienced medical staff.

What is an Iron Infusion?

  • An iron infusion is a procedure in which iron is delivered to your body intravenously
  • Any iron deficiency needs to be thoroughly investigated by your GP and the need for an iron infusion must be discussed during consultation with your regular GP.

How do I prepare for an iron infusion?

You will need an initial consult with one of our doctors to review your medical history before an infusion can occur. You will be provided with necessary information regarding the iron infusion procedure at this visit.

Your infusion may or may not happen on the same visit, depending on availability and your GP’s assessment.

Iron infusions take time – you can expect to spend at least 45 min in the clinic and post infusion monitoring is mandatory.

If you aren’t a regular patient of the clinic, please ensure your iron deficiency is properly investigated by your regular GP prior to visiting our clinic, otherwise the Doctor may require additional tests before proceeding.