*Pfizer and Astra Zeneca Now Available*


Who can be vaccinated?

Currently all those who are ages 12 and up are eligible to receive a COVID Vaccine.

We currently have:

  • Astra Zeneca (please call the clinic to book an appointment)
  • Pfizer (Bookings can be made online  or over the phone)

If you had any questions or queries regarding this please contact the clinic ph: 3036 2678

If you are a new patient, please make sure to bring along your Medicare Card.

Otherwise, you can also book in for a consultation with one of our GPs if you are unsure of which vaccine would be best for you, or if you had any specific clinical questions regarding these vaccines.

Vaccine Eligibility

Queensland Health have put together a questionnaire to help you find out if you are eligible for the current phase of vaccinations, and if not, which phase you fall under. To fill out the questionnaire please click here